We are thrilled to announce the eagerly awaited 13th edition of the #Equilibrium Mentoring Programme for Women, set to kick off with its grand Opening Session on 21st September 2023! Participants can look forward to an enriching journey spanning 10 months, filled with many events and opportunities for growth, development and networking.

Our Purpose:

At #Equilibrium, we are dedicated to empowering and supporting women in their personal and professional endeavors. Our goal is to foster an inclusive and nurturing environment where women can thrive, break barriers, and achieve their full potential.

A Hybrid Experience:

This edition of the #Equilibrium Mentoring Programme will be a unique hybrid experience, combining the best of both worlds. Events will be delivered both online and offline, ensuring accessibility and convenience without compromising on the quality.

A Remarkable Lineup:

Participants can look forward to a diverse range of events, scheduled throughout the 10-month journey:

  • Opening Session – 21st September
  • Mentoring Essentials – 22nd or 25th September
  • My Story – 12th October, 22nd November, 10th January, 27th March
  • Workshop #1 – 31st October
  • Afternoon Event – 9th November, 11th April
  • Workshop #2 – 5th December
  • Winter Session – 25th January
  • Workshop #3 – 12th March
  • Panel Discussion – 21st March
  • Mid-term Evaluation – 22nd February
  • Workshop #4 – 16th April
  • Alumni Business Mixer – 25th April
  • Workshop #5 – 14th May
  • Afternoon Event – 23rd May
  • Closing Session – 13th June

We are excited to welcome more than 100 mentoring couples in the upcoming Edition!