We all know that having a Mentor or being a Mentee has a lot of benefits, from expanding your social network to gaining invaluable feedback and experience. But did you know that it’s proven that it aids in improving your mental health?

Mentors often push their Mentees to see problems in a new way, providing a shift in mentality that Mentees have often resisted. This can be due to fear of failing or due to the uncertainty of trying something new. Since Mentors have had more experience in the field, they can provide valuable techniques or information that Mentees had not thought about before or never dared to try. So being able to surpass old mindsets can provide stress relief knowing that you have full support from a Mentee.

Similarly, Mentors and Mentees often schedule meetings to catch up on what they have been doing and share ideas about projects, which leads to having a more structured lifestyle. When scheduling meetings Mentors prepare materials and/or topics to discuss, and Mentees come with problems they have been having or new ideas. This is why when they meet there is something they can tackle together, reducing the stress of confronting things alone but at the same time having enough time to think of possible solutions in advance and therefore having more clarity. This reduces stress and anxiety because planning is needed beforehand in order to benefit from having this Mentee-Mentor relationship.

Consequently, having a Mentor-Mentee relationship reduces depression. After COVID-19, a lot of professionals felt alone and isolated from people they cared about, but having a Mentor-Mentee relationship meant they would always have someone to talk about their personal and professional problems and get advice. The same goes for Mentors; they can serve as a shoulder to rely on but also can learn from their Mentees while giving each other company in such a tough world.

Lastly, meeting up with your Mentor or Mentee does not always mean work. It can be a good break to talk about your personal lives or non-related work stuff, providing a safe space to relax and be yourself.

From reducing stress and anxiety, to aiding in depression, a Mentor-Mentee relationship is one of the best tools you can have within the professional world. You will gain valuable insight and experiences while having the undivided support of your Mentor or your Mentee.

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